Students of Communication and Audiovisual Media, Digital Design and Architecture from the University of Celaya will be making the film project "Cuando te toca" (When it's your turn) next July as part of the University Rally within the framework of the XXV anniversary of the Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF). For the third consecutive year, Uni is part of the 6 teams participating in the GIFF Rally that were selected from more than 200 scripts nationwide; this is a competition whose main challenge is to film and edit a short film in just 48 hours on location in the city of San Miguel de Allende. The GIFF Training program allows students to train for six months through workshops with film industry professionals in San Miguel de Allende and CDMX.The "Cuando te toca" team is already working on the making of the models of their short film, which implies a considerable investment and that is why they have launched a funding campaign on the Kickstarter platform that manages an "all or nothing" system; that is, if the students do not reach the goal of 70 thousand Mexican pesos that they have set for April 18, then they will not get any funding. That is why they invite the entire educational community of the University of Celaya, which they will proudly represent, to join their campaign and become sponsors of this great dream; by being part of it, they will be able to obtain rewards allusive to the project. If you want to support this group of university talents, here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Enter to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cuando-te-toca-film/cuando-te-toca-shortfilm  
  2. Click on "Sponsor this project".
  3. Review all rewards and select a level; if you do not want rewards, you can click on "Contribute without reward" and indicate the amount you wish to support. 
  4. Click "continue"; if you do not have a Kickstarter account, the platform will ask you to create one. 
  5.  Fill in the information requested to make the payment (it is a very secure platform, so you don't have to worry).
  6. Click on contribute and that's it, you have become a sponsor of "When it's your turn".

It is important to mention that the platform withdraws the sponsorship from the bank account until after the end of the campaign (April 18), so you must keep the sponsorship money intact, as many times the accounts do not pass and the money received by the team is reduced. Visit the profiles of "Cuando te toca" at Facebook E Instagram to learn more about this project and the ways in which you can support new Mexican filmmakers. At the University of Celaya we seek that our students have platforms to learn, develop skills and strengthen their competitive spirit; GIFF is one of those platforms where since 2012 several generations have had the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience of international stature in the field of film production and, specifically in University Rally, very important achievements have been obtained, such as: the audience award for "Sequía" (2020) and first place in the competition with "Muerte en Guanajuato" (2021); we wish that this 2022 "Cuando te toca" successfully reaches the finish line. 

The "Cajeta de Celaya" is sought to be declared a geographical indicator.

The University of Celaya in collaboration with the Government of the State of Guanajuato and the Association of Producers of Cajeta de Celaya, seek the declaration "Geographic Indicator of the Cajeta de Celaya" in order to give recognition and protection at national and international level of a product that gives us identity, for the benefit of producers and consumers. Why carry out this process? Because Cajeta de Celaya is linked to cultural, traditional and historical factors, the result of processes and traditional knowledge transmitted from generation to generation by a community of a particular region, that is why it can be considered as intellectual property. 

In this process, the University of Celaya conducted the technical study with feedback from cajeta producers, historians and photographs taken by the Guanajuato state government and drafted the rules for the use of cajeta production. The study describes:

a) The historical, traditional and generation-to-generation approach to the production of cajeta. 

b) The production approach: ingredients, blending, family business, "at the cajeta point" and elements such as the copper ladle and the wooden spoon (which gives a particular flavor to the cajeta).

c) Photographic evidenceThe cajeta producers were already constituted as an A.C. and in 2018 the protection of geographical indicators was added. 

The holder of the geographical indication of "Cajeta de Celaya" is the Mexican State certified through IMPI. The reputation of a geographical indication is an intangible collective good. "Cajeta de Celaya" would be named to any produced within the geographical indication zone and complying with the established rules of use.

The importance lies in the fact that if it is not protected, it could be used without restrictions, its value would diminish and it would eventually be lost, besides, protection is not only local, regional or national, but international, through trade agreements. Europe, for example, requested Mexico to protect 350 geographical indicators (Spain alone has more than 60), as did the USA and the World Trade Organization (WTO), among others.

In Mexico there are only 18 appellations of origin and 13 or 14 geographical indicators. The advantages of this declaration are the protection of the product, which by having a geographical indicator becomes worth twice the price, because the consumer pays for the guarantee of origin, since for any producer of cajeta to sell it as "CAJETA DE CELAYA" would have to:

a) Obtain a certificate issued by La Uni de Celaya (who made the technical study) and

b) Obtain authorization from IMPI confirming that its production process complies with the rules of use registered with the geographical indicator, the relationship between the product, the quality and the place on which the protection is based prevents its transmission to producers outside the demarcated region.

This whole process also ensures quality because producers are less tempted to substitute traditional procedures for possibly less expensive ones, and it also encourages economic development based on traditional knowledge.

Obtaining protection of a geographical indication will also prevent the registration of the indication as a trademark by a third party, avoiding the risk of "Cajeta de Celaya" becoming a generic name.

With this, the University of Celaya consolidates its performance as an institution committed to the development, culture, history and future of our city.

University of Celaya promotes the development of Guanajuato with productive academic linkages.

University of Celaya promotes the development of Guanajuato with productive academic linkages.

The linkage with the productive sector through projects framed in the institutional Business Linking Program where our students, guided by their professors, work on real projects to propose solutions to community needs, is just one way in which the University of Celaya collaborates with the progress of the country and develops professional and leadership skills in students.

This Monday, August 9, 2021 in the municipality of Comonfort, Pueblo Magico, Governor Diego Sinhué Rodríguez recognized the efforts of the Institution and the academic community during the official presentation of the Title and Logo of the Collective Trademark "MCG Molcajetes de Comonfort, Guanajuato", This project was managed by Karime Velázquez Rico, now a law graduate, and contributes to the positioning of Guanajuato as a productive entity and a national reference in Industrial Property, adding with this 10 collective trademarks that boost the competitiveness of MSMEs.

The action consisted in the incorporation of a group of master craftsmen who design and produce traditional molcajetes of andesitic basalt from Comonfort as a commercial company and, once this requirement was fulfilled, in November 2019 the registration of the collective trademark was obtained before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) in the city of León. 

This work is in addition to many other activities that have been carried out by different areas of the University with various associations of artisans in our state where they have been supported in the development of websites, corporate image, digital catalogs, access to global portals for online sales, promotion and regional and national projection, among others, thus reinforcing the institutional commitment as a learning community in generating opportunities for a more prosperous Mexico.

Movies made in Celaya

Our students and graduates presented short films that have been made in the city of Celaya during the last few years and have participated in various film festivals in Mexico and abroad.

The presentation included a screening of:

  • "Celaya, historias de un pueblo" By ExLCC Israel Serrano and ExLCCArmando Merino.
  • "El Noveno horno" made in 2014 ExLCC Erika Oregel and Emmanuel Vargas.
  • "Fixing a heart" Performed in 2017 by CMA Loida Montes.
  • "Catalina" by ExLCC Adrián Martínez Servién and ExLCC Daniel Garibaldi.
  • Premiere of "Real de amores" by ExLCC Adrián Martínez Servién in collaboration with SKENIKA.

The entire production team and the cast of the short films were present, including first actress Evangelina Martínez and actress Evangelina Sosa, star of "Real de amores", a short film that will begin its participation in festivals and is characterized by the good pace and suspense it handles, as well as having many readings and a story that makes the viewer imagine and deduce their own ending.

These short films have won several national and international awards and have been presented at important festivals such as Cannes and Toronto, making Celaya also known for its talent, culture and art, and also demonstrating that in the province it is also possible to carry out productions that have international impact.