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What is a CONOCER certification?

The competencies of individuals are their individual knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors, i.e., what makes them competent to carry out an activity in their working life.

Competency certification is the process through which individuals demonstrate by means of evidence that they have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to fulfill a function at a high level of performance as defined in a Competency Standard, regardless of how they were acquired.

A Competency Standard is an official document applicable throughout Mexico that serves as a reference to evaluate and certify the competence of individuals.


How do I certify my competence?

CONOCER Standards Offer 2022


Blanca Magaña


The experience was very good, the follow-up, the quality, the facilities, everything in general has been very satisfactory and rewarding, I highly recommend it.

Miriam Centeno


Getting certified here was a very good decision, the treatment, the attention, the follow-up, I am very satisfied and grateful for the quality of the service and also the support of the institution.

Advantages of becoming certified at Universidad de Celaya

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