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Specialization in Plastic injection technological innovation   


Annually, Mexico produces 5.8 million tons of plastics: 79% is for national consumption, 21% is for exportation and 70% of moulds and tooling must be imported. Guanajuato occupies the 5th. place in the plastistic production national ranking and given the growing industry, it requires more and more highly specialized personnel.

Specialization objective

Training in the composition of plastics, manufacturing, production and molds for plastics, emphasazing in the skills of computer aided design and mold design through software specialized in a center equipped with all technology, necessary materials and resources.


First semester:

  1. Material properties
  2. Programming and manufacturing with machine tool
  3. Moulds designing and manufacturing
  4. Metrology and quality control

Second semester:

  1. Plastic components designing
  2. Plastic injection process
  3. Moulds, machinery and peripheral equipment maintenance
  4. Project development and evaluation
What knowledge will be considered?
  • Knowing the polymers fundamentals, their structure, properties and behavior.
  • Programing and machinizing mould construction tools.
  • Programing the injection machine properly to obtain robust processes in order to have a good waste disposal and improve productivity.
Knowledge on
  • Designing and implanting quality control systems for moulds and parts manufactured with plastic injection technology.
  • Establishing a preventive and corrective moulds and machinery maintenance system
  • Evaluating plastic injection technology costs as well as the economic feasibility of different projects.
  • Evaluating the technical and economic feasibility of a project in terms of objectives, goals, resources, costs and time.
  • Mechanizing and maintaining moulds.
  • Effectively programming plastic injection machines.
  • Designing moulds and machinery maintenance plans.
  • Developing a quality and regulation observation culture.
  • Adequately interpreting information for an effective decision-making.
  • Efficiently and effectively carrying out their activities
  • Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)
  • Catalan Association of Mould and Die Companies (ASCAMM)
  • National Association of Plastic Industries (ANIPAC)
  • 1 year
  • Saturday modality curriculum
  • Schedule: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Starting August
  • Semestral costs:
  • Registration: $4.000
  • 5 Monthly payments of $4.000
Why specializing?

The specialization in Plastic injection technological innovation will allow you to have a competitive position in the tooling and innovation plastic products regional market, so you can collaborate with the industries that are at the forefront of the design field, developing and mold manufacture and plastic products, providing you with a maximum flexibility in your choice of work.

Specialized courses

  • Introduction to Plastic injection
  • Injection moulds designing fundamentals
  • Plastic products failures analysis
  • Mould maintenance
  • Plastic product development
  • Plastic injection seminar
  • Scientific molding

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