In November 2019, the 10th Research Forum of the University of Celaya was held, in which 81 research papers were presented by students from all undergraduate and engineering programs.

The objective of the event is to disseminate the research protocols and reports carried out by undergraduate students of the University of Celaya in their search to generate solutions to problems in an ethical and successful manner. 

Each student team presents both a poster and a short presentation of the results of their research work. At the end of their presentation, the teams receive feedback from the Evaluators Committee made up of research experts in different disciplines of knowledge. This experience strengthens learning and encourages students to put into practice the skills of socialization and dissemination of the scientific knowledge they have generated, in addition to having developed the necessary skills to design, implement and evaluate a scientific research project. 

In this way, the cycle of research subjects closes each year with all our students. This contributes to the formation of people who research and interpret their environment and thus generate ethical and successful solutions to local, regional, national and global problems.

This year, the Biomedical Engineering students, in addition to their poster and oral presentation, presented the prototypes of the innovative technology they developed and evaluated with their research, some examples are: technology for color detection, scanning and digitalization of organs, Measure Tracking System (MTS) and distance from one point to another with LabVIEW.

The works carried out are also the beginning or continuation of projects developed in other subjects, thus contributing to transversal learning. 

In addition, the papers evaluated as the most significant are selected to receive support and to be presented at specialized congresses in their disciplines.

Congratulations to all student researchers, see you at the next Forum.