The project "Strengthening the Digital Educational Model of FIMPES Universities" has brought together eleven of the most prestigious universities in Mexico, including the University of Celaya, to design an educational model according to mega trends, promoting continuous improvement, relevance and access to higher education based on best practices, technology and global trends with the support of a group of international experts.  

The participation in this innovative model project joins 10 other universities in the country and has strategic allies such as EmTech Institute and Santander Universities. 

In the first phase, the project contemplates the creation of five digital/hybrid courses with best practices worldwide, more than 60 professors and specialists involved in the creation of academic content and the possibility that more than 100 universities use the courses in digital platform, making the necessary adaptations based on the reality of higher education and the market in Mexico.   

The digital/hybrid courses will address Digital Skills, Critical Thinking, Mathematics, Study Habits and Oral and Written Communication. 

 The University of Celaya joins advanced initiatives and reinvents itself to continue offering the academic quality of its programs and fulfilling its commitment to society.