My name is Emilia Páramo Florencio, I am a graduate of the Industrial and Administrative Engineering program, Generation 2002. My professional experience has been in the automotive, metal mechanic and appliance sectors. I have advised several companies in the areas of Quality, Manufacturing, Lean Processes, Design and Development of Products and Processes.

I currently work at Mabe Refrigeradores in the Celaya Plant, I am a Lean Leader for the most important transformation process of the company which consists of evolving to the Industry 4.0 *Digital Era* strategy.

My professional training has given me the basis to have a global business vision and analytical thinking for decision making, as well as the key knowledge to understand each of the edges of the industry, a key aspect is that I am always on the side of problem solvers, which is a characteristic that seeks to emphasize my profession.

In addition to participating in teaching in the Faculty of Engineering at Uni, which personally is my contribution to society both as a student and in the industrial sector, through a Hands On program, I am doing an immersion in the industry learning 'live' in manufacturing processes through a Mabe-Uni collaboration, which I am leading with the aim of laying the foundations of knowledge through experience and active learning as well as training potential candidates for the business sector.

I have also participated in a couple of publications where my main reference is the educational and training process at the University of Celaya. I have also participated in seminars of the Uni-ASQ conducting workshops on lean manufacturing tools and have made presentations to different audiences (high school, soon to graduate, new entrants, etc.) with the aim of extending the process from making a career decision in order to share the challenges, achievements and benefits experienced and extend the experience gained, as well as share what we expect from students from the industrial field and participating in achieving this hand in hand with students through their training.