Our student José Antonio Merino from Communication Sciences is participating in a "Work-Camp" on the west coast of Iceland, an experience that will allow them to develop a global vision, personal and professional skills, within a multicultural environment.

Chosen as Winner in the "Hands for the World 20-21" Program issued by the State Government Congratulations!

"What we are doing is cleaning up the coasts of West Iceland in a community called Brú, we use a waste separation method in which each of the waste found is recorded, sent for recycling and the marine species we find in the Atlantic are conserved, the program is run by Worldwide FriendsThe program is run by Worldwide Friends, with volunteers from all over the world, right now we are from Mexico (me), Slovakia, France, Guatemala, Germany, Austria and Scotland. It is a beautiful experience on which I will base much of my knowledge and that is leaving me a great learning and memories for a lifetime."