The University of Celaya is ranked among the best universities in our country for its academic level, enrollment and graduates, national and international recognition, the professional training of its faculty and its recognized prestige, according to Tops Mexico.[i]a digital and print publication, which compares 45 undergraduate programs based on the five variables listed above.

This year 2021 the academic programs of the Institution distinguished were: Administration, Medicine, Marketing, Nutrition, Psychology, Communication and Law; thus allowing the University of Celaya to position itself among the highest quality institutions in Higher Education and the most committed to Mexico.

The measurement process in the ranking contemplates the application of surveys both to companies and public and private institutions, as well as to opinion leaders, political scientists, marketers, professors, doctors and communicologists of our country to define the best 200 universities in Mexico among a universe of more than 5000 institutions (SEP, 2019).

This positioning as a first class institution has been achieved by being very clear about the mission, redesigning the vision based on the mega trends and challenges, as well as thanks to the strong commitment of the entire University team, aware that the most important thing is the life and career plan of the students for the benefit of the common good.