Uninnovation Day is a Uni program that allows students to present a business model project to be evaluated by experts.

Gastro students presented macaroons titled "mexirrones" with Mexican flavors such as marzipan and chocolate abuelita.

Other students presented a cab App to improve cab service and boost local commerce.

In Communication, "Little House", an app to give street dogs a home, and the "Naterba" store, which offers a healthy option for the consumption and trade of these products through organic gardens, were created.

Automotive engineering students created smart, climate-adaptive building blocks for the poor made of unicell with resin.

In the area of Architecture, "Ecobijas" were created, quilts stuffed with newspaper for people with limited resources, a project similar to the one presented by the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, who used plastic bags to create the mattresses, with the idea of teaching the communities to make them themselves.

In the case of Industrial Engineering, the young people designed lights for bicycles called Magic Straw.

Also presented was the project for a biodegradable candy straw that paints drinks containing toxic substances in a stronger color.

This event is the culmination of a process of research, analysis, planning and creativity that students develop every year during a semester to provide innovative solutions to existing problems.