Maat Hazel Castillo Mancera

My name is Maat Hazel Castillo Mancera, I am currently 25 years old, graduated from the University of Celaya in International Trade and I am studying for a Master's Degree in Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Poland.

First of all, I would like to thank all the people who have been part of my trajectories and have taught me everything I know, all those who have supported me in my growth and especially my parents who have always been behind my achievements.

After finishing high school at Colegio Marista de Celaya, I had the opportunity to go to study again the last year of high school at Winston Churchill School, San Antonio, TX, where I graduated and obtained recognition for my career by having represented the institution at the regional level in various competitions. At this point in my life I realized that what I wanted was to become a great entrepreneur with an international focus and I needed to acquire the best skills to become one.

I returned to Celaya and started working as an English trainer in an open high school and in the company Avon Cosmetics, where we started a language training project in which we worked together with different areas of the company to develop the skills of the staff, both labor and administrative.

I began my university studies at the University of Celaya, with the idea of establishing a business located in the Bajio region related to International Trade, so I decided to study my career in this area because of the leadership skills and focus on personal growth that the University imparts to its students.

During my first semesters at the University I had studied and read about the growing economy of Brazil and how it has positioned itself over the years as the strongest economy in Latin America, competing with other countries including Mexico, so I decide to do a semester in this country and based on that goal I focused my dedication to get good grades and be recognized by my teachers, I decided to apply as one of the candidates for this opportunity and in a couple of weeks I was notified that I was selected and that next semester I would be doing part of my studies in one of the most prestigious Universities in Latin America and the world: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, along with five classmates from my same University with whom I made very close relationships.

At the University I gained a deep understanding of the economy of this country and the development it has undergone, and I also developed the Portuguese language, which would help me later on in my career.

I return to my alma mater, the University of Celaya, and I am left with a thorn in my side from my international apprenticeship that makes me want to look beyond what I had at the time.

At the end of my professional career and a couple of months before graduation I decided to look for scholarships to pursue my graduate studies abroad in business administration, a field that caught my attention during my undergraduate studies, so I dedicated much of my time to search and apply for different scholarships and opportunities around the world, looking for prestigious institutions where I can develop and grow my skills and develop new ones.

Among my options was the University of Poland in Czestochowa, which offers me a scholarship for one hundred percent of my graduate studies for the entire period linked to my performance as a student of this institution so I decide to take this opportunity and move to Poland.

During my stay in Poland and as a Polish student I apply and compete for the scholarship granted by the European Union Erasmus, which provides a monetary support to perform a student mobility for a semester at one of the Universities with agreement in different countries within and outside the European Union, A couple of weeks after my application I was informed of the acceptance of my mobility, so I decide to move to Lisbon, Portugal, to do a semester at the Instituto Superior de Comunicación Empresarial, in which I successfully conclude my career getting to expand my communication and marketing skills.

I return to Mexico to renew my VISA and to spend a pleasant moment with my family and I find out about a scholarship granted by Educafin and the Government of the State of Guanajuato called Talentos de Exportación, so I decide to apply before my return to the second year of the master's program. Weeks after my application I was summoned to Leon, Gto. for a final interview and it was there where they told me that I had been selected to represent the state as the first generation of this economic support to better conclude my last two semesters, in which, together with them, we will carry out a project to help the state according to my knowledge acquired in recent years.