Interview with Pablo Aguilar Cervantes, Tourism student who completed the previous semester at the Universidad Autónoma de Colombia.

When you entered Uni did you know there were international programs?



Did you think you would go live and study abroad in your first semester?



Have you ever lived or studied outside of Mexico before?



What prompted or motivated you to study in another country?

The fact of obtaining a global perspective and experience for the enrichment of my academic training and personal experience.


Why did you decide to study in that country?
Because I observed that their academic plan was more in line with what I was looking for. Besides, in Colombia, they welcome foreigners, especially Mexicans.


How did you feel when you arrived in the new country?

Fear, nerves and enthusiasm.

How have you been received at the university where you arrived?

Quite nice. They take care to make sure that students coming from abroad are well taken care of.


What will you miss most about Mexico?

The food and the people I lived with on a daily basis.


What about the Uni?

The evaluation system.


What is the most exciting thing you have experienced so far in this experience?

Travel and get to know new cities other than Bogota.


And the hardest part?

Learning to be more responsible not only with my actions towards others, but also for myself. It is also difficult to adapt in such a short period of time to the way of living in another country and to know how to evaluate in exams. I am not referring to the weightings, but to the style of questions. For example: at the University of Celaya, when reading a book, we normally do a general essay or reading report. In Colombia, we are asked specific questions about the reading; we practically have to study the book to be prepared for the evaluation.


What do you expect as a person and as a professional from this program?

Learn that, in difficult situations, it is necessary to adapt to them and excel in a positive way, take into account that each country has its own social problems and identify the differences between one country and another, whether in terms of infrastructure, population behavior, trends, etc.


Do you recommend these opportunities provided by Uni to your colleagues?

 Yes, the opportunity of an exchange is a benefit that is not quantitatively calculated.

"Everything I've learned, it doesn't have a weighting value.