My name is Raymundo Montes Martínez, I am a graduate of the Bachelor's Degree in International Trade of the 2017 generation. The University of Celaya gave me the basis to acquire a global vision and the ability to create solutions to all kinds of business problems that arise in my environment. Within my career, it was the subject of electronic business that changed my "chip" and made me know my vocation... Digital business.

I consider myself a young businessman - entrepreneur with 24 years old, passionate about digital business and eager to share my vision and leadership to other entrepreneurs who want to leave their positive footprint in the world. Within my work experience, I can highlight my ability to create high impact ventures, focused on business models with disruptive innovation and the work involved in their business development and strategic planning to transform Startups with unique solutions in the market.

I started entrepreneurship at the age of 20 and I am pleased to say that I have failed in 4 projects, which provided me with ample learning in terms of the mistakes I made and the continuous improvement in my path as an entrepreneur.

Failure is what leads to success and I say this because all the mistakes I made, the number of doors that were closed to me and the people who gave me advice, at the end of the day gave me the possibility to see the fruits of my efforts. Today, I can gladly share some of the successes I have achieved in my short business career:

  • Founder of Acopio de Metales Guanajuato. Acomet is a company dedicated to the collection of metal waste.
  • Exhibitor as an entrepreneur at the Automotive Forum Querétaro 2016.
  • Exhibitor as entrepreneur at the International Aluminum Congress 2016.
  • Grantee by INADEM 2017 under Call for Proposals: 1.1 Development of Networks and Global Value Chains.
  • Founder of GlobalMark. It is an extended collaborative social network dedicated to connecting people.
  • Winner with GlobalMark in the e-Commerce Startup Competition Mexico 2019, obtaining recognition as the best e-commerce startup in Mexico, by the e-Commerce Institute.

I currently serve as Chairman of the Board and CEO of GlobalMark, an extended collaboration social network dedicated to connecting people and expanding their professional and business development possibilities. Our purpose is to provide technological tools that facilitate communication and collaborative efficiency among people and that they can use them as a means of collaboration among their own work teams and with other people or companies with whom they can quickly and conveniently interact.

We want to benefit society, we want to make it possible for them to get a job, establish professional and business relationships, undertake projects, share knowledge, organize their activities and position their brands, products and services, in one place and in a different way.

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