Universidad de Celaya aims to be a learning community that distinguishes itself for its academic quality and for providing its students with an exceptional educational experience that inspires them to positively transform the world of this century. 

That is why one of the commitments of this University is the continuous improvement of its study programs through strategic and periodic updating, as well as certifications through external national and international organizations.

Recently, the Bachelor's Degree in Law and the Bachelor's Degree in Management and Administration of Global Business received accreditation from the Interinstitutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CIEES), thus ensuring a first-class educational service for students. 

The CIEES collaborate strategically with Higher Education Institutions in the search for Excellence, guaranteeing their prestige through the evaluation of the basic aspects that every HEI must comply with and others related to the institutional project, research, innovation, internationalization, linkage and cultural extension. 

This significant achievement is the result of the qualified work of the directors and members of the academic staff who, day after day, put their dedication at the service of the formation of the future leaders of our community.