Graduates, Students and Teachers of the Universidad de Celaya have concluded the Summer Course "International Business in Emerging Markets" - Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Instructors such as Tom Van der Heyden, partner of S3 Strategic Sourcing Solutions. Consulting firm specialized in internationalization projects with extensive experience in Asian markets and particularly in China.

Guest: Enrique Schonberg Schwarz Partner of Areaexport. Consulting firm specialized in supporting SMEs in the development of internationalization strategies.

Visiting companies such as: Betahaus Barcelona, located in the neighborhood of Gracia.

It is a coworking company that offers workspaces for entrepreneurs and professionals. Most of them work in the areas of design, information technology and marketing.

Betahaus not only offers the space, but to be part of a community of mutual support, exchange of ideas and networking.

In addition to the visit, there were three presentations by entrepreneurs and executives.

Quim Zurano. Founder of the Quids app that allows to generate contact groups of parents from school groups.

Attiya Abdulghany. Founder of the digital marketing company Oliver which is dedicated to the development of digital business strategies.

Marta Olszewska. Marketing leader of Piktochart which is a digital tools company for the development of infographics.

The students gained a deeper understanding of the start-up process and the close contact with experienced entrepreneurs was motivating.

Finally, they conducted an analysis of the main emerging market regions: Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. They developed both export and consumer goods acquisition projects by analyzing the relevant markets and using relevant sources of information. As a final activity, they formulated the solution to a business case of the Peruvian company Aje, owner of the Big Cola brand, which has developed an ambitious internationalization strategy over the last two decades.