Hello, my name is Astrid Serrato Mandujano, I am 21 years old and I am from Apaseo el Alto, Gto.

I attended elementary school in my municipality, then I entered UNI High School, and when I finished it, I decided to stay to study a Bachelor's Degree in International Commerce.

During my career I distinguished myself by:

  • Participate in the Certification course in the practice "Business Sustainability and Commercial Logistics in Colombian Ports", developed in the cities of Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena Colombia (October 24-29, 2016).
  • I participated in the Radar Network (November 18-19, 2016).
  • I participated in the national program "Peraj, adopt a friend", where I served as a tutor for elementary school children, supporting and motivating them to develop and improve their academic performance (Cycle 2016-2017, Celaya, Gto.).
  • I obtained the medal for academic excellence (February 2018).
  • I participated in the 8th Olympiad of Foreign Trade 2018 (May 20, 2018, Querétaro).
  • I was the winner of UNI Scholarship to study one semester in South China Business College of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (September-January 2018 semester).
  • I became certified in the ASPEL SAE, COI and NOI programs (May 2019).
  • I was a winner of the Leaders in Canada call by the State Government, which I had to give up in order to continue participating in the call to study a Master's Degree in China (June 2019).
  • I am currently a winner of the call for Export Talents China Chapter by the State Government to study the Master's Degree in E-Commerce at Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hangzhou China (July 2019).

I was interested in participating in this call because when I was in China, I was struck by the great technological progress, the communication channels, the services provided, as well as the handling of currency in commerce, where with just one application, you can carry out transactions, buy, sell, pay, etc., without carrying cash or bank cards.

Previously when I traveled to other countries, I observed the differences that exist with respect to our country, and I realize that we need to update ourselves to be more competitive, my career being focused on international trade, has a strong link with the Master's degree that I will take in China.

I believe that it will not be easy to learn Chinese in one year, but rest assured that I will do my best to meet the expectations.