My name is Juan Carlos Gallegos Cárdenas, I am originally from Celaya, Gto. A year ago I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. This document contains my most outstanding achievements at the University of Celaya and abroad.

My story begins in 2014 when I entered the race. I remember that the first thing I did was to talk to my future director Alejandro Saldaña. He told me about all the development opportunities offered by the university abroad, but above all about the success stories of former students of the faculty. At first the idea of traveling abroad and studying abroad seemed very distant and difficult. What I didn't know was that little by little my life was going to surprise me more than I imagined.

During my third semester I had the opportunity to work in Statistics class on a collaborative project of statistical water consumption in Celaya with JUMAPA. A project that at first seemed like a school project ended up being the beginning of my first success. Shortly after in 2015, the first call from Educafin and UNI came out to present a project at California State University, Fullerton. After seeing this opportunity I applied directly to the call, unsure of what was going to happen I had faith in my level of English and the importance of my project. The news had come and it was done. I would go to represent my university in California with 3 other colleagues. There I had the opportunity to meet the students of the university and for the first time to present my project in English. After having returned, I felt very motivated and sure that I had the tools to achieve anything, only if I put my mind to it and fought for it.

Some time later I applied for other calls without success, until one day UNI debuted its first edition of Trep camp 2017. This program consisted of an intensive course in the United States on entrepreneurship. The program's participation was optional for my generation but for me it was another opportunity I could not pass up. Shortly after I was selected to go to San Diego State University to do a workshop in entrepreneurship and a high impact project. This experience opened my mind a lot because I got to meet world-class companies such as Qualcomm, Takealessons and iBoss, in addition to complementing the teachings of the university in business. I also met brilliant young people with whom I was able to have a great friendship that remains to this day.

Days after returning from San Diego, I had the opportunity to do an exchange semester at Hallym University in South Korea. Thanks to the agreements that the University of Celaya maintains, I was able to live in another country and learn about a culture different from my own.

I have always felt very supported by everyone at UNI. Talking with my director, he also told me that not only academic achievements are rewarded, but also extracurricular ones. He encouraged me to be curious and to always be eager to learn.

In 2018 I was recognized with the merit medal, being highlighted as one of the best students of the entire university along with another friend of the faculty. Already at that time I was going to graduate and awards were given to different students for their trajectories. In my case I had the honor of receiving the "UNI Pride for International Impact" award, thanks to all my achievements abroad, and at my graduation I received an honorable mention as the second best average of my class.

A few months before graduating I had applied for the "Gobernadores 2018" scholarship from Educafin that selected 10 outstanding young people from the state to live in Washington, DC for a semester studying a public policy seminar and doing professional internships, in my case I was in the area of trade and investment at ProMéxico. This program has been one of my most important achievements since I was able to have another international experience but more focused on the world of work and international politics. On that occasion I had the privilege of being decorated by the governor of the state of Guanajuato, Miguel Márquez Márquez, to put the name of my state and my university on a high level.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to study in Germany and learn about its culture. This country has always been known for always getting ahead despite any situation, for the high quality of its educational institutions and its work culture. I have been learning German and improving my English since before studying my career, in order to be prepared for this moment.

This year I have been accepted at the University of Applied Sciences Nürtingen-Geislingen located in the outskirts of Stuttgart (Capital of the state Baden-Württemberg) which is located in one of the strongest economic regions of Germany and Europe. Today the university is one of the top 10 universities of applied sciences in Germany and has more than 5,000 students at all levels of education.

I am eternally proud to be UNI. I thank the University of Celaya from the bottom of my heart for giving me tireless support in my projects, giving me the tools to be competent in the world, believing in me and in my personal and professional development.

Thanks to you I have succeeded.