Eduardo Navarrete, Architecture student, was winner of the State Scholarship "Hands for the World" and made a stay in Italy, here he tells us about his experience:

During my stay in Italy I did a Workcamp in a small town called Luz St. Sauveur in the Pyrenees in the south of France. It was three weeks volunteering in a restoration and rescue of a stone road, as it is a tourist site with activities such as trekking, hiking, tyrlosse and rafting.

It was a unique experience in which we were 14 volunteers from countries such as Russia, Turkey, South Korea, France, Ukraine, Canada, Spain and of course Mexico.

During that time I learned to live collectively and to have an exchange of ideas and cultures, as well as to represent Mexico and Guanajuato.

An experience that I will never forget in which I have learned a lot because the work was related to my career (construction) in addition to meeting incredible people!

Eduardo Navarrete


University of Celaya

Educardo 4