Last Monday, January 14, 2019, Dr. Bruno Chávez, Director of Special Projects of the Museum of Memory and Tolerance gave the Cátedra Prima "From Reflection to Action" which inaugurates the January-June academic cycle of the University of Celaya.

This talk reflected on how through historical memory, seeing the mistakes of the past, future events that negatively affect society can be prevented, avoiding not only social crimes such as those that have marked certain stages of history, but also eradicating from the social dynamics actions of violence, discrimination, and violation of human rights, promoting a culture of tolerance that inspires and generates change in the world.

Spaces such as the Museum of Memory and Tolerance, programs for the daily experience of values such as Cultura Uni and talks such as those given by Dr. Bruno encourage new generations to seek a healthier and more committed coexistence with their environment, promoting reflection that should lead to social action.