and ACLS

and ACLS

The University of Celaya in collaboration with Laerdal Medical offers the RQI Program (Resuscitation Quality Improvement Program) of the American Hearth Association (AHA).

BLS and ACLS Certification

BLS HeartCode Complete (Basic Life Support) is a set of essential techniques designed to preserve lives in emergency medical situations.

ACLS (Advanced Cardio Life Support) certification is aimed at healthcare professionals who are directly involved in the management of cardiorespiratory arrest, cardiovascular emergencies or first responders.

This accreditation builds on the foundation of the BLS courses, highlighting the importance of continuous high quality CPR.

Certification at the University of Celaya

The School of Medicine of the University of Celaya is one of the 4 nationwide that have high-fidelity clinical simulators, with adaptive learning and real-time feedback. This allows:

Get certified in less time. A first theoretical course is done online, estimated in 1.5 hrs (who does it for the first time) and 30 min (who has done it before) and then a practice of 30 minutes in the simulator is done.

In case of failure, the internship can be redone as many times as necessary within 1 year at no extra cost.

A diploma is issued for passing the theoretical course.

An official credential with QR code is issued by the American Hearth Association to those who obtain the certification.

Reasons to become certified

Saving lives: BLS HeartCode Complete certification equips you with critical knowledge and skills to react effectively in cardiac arrest and other medical emergencies.

Fast and reliable response: In emergency situations, every second counts. BLS certification gives you the training you need to make quick and correct decisions under pressure.

Professional requirement: For many healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, paramedics and first responders, BLS certification is a requirement that ensures competency and currency.

Workplace safety: In workplaces and public environments, being prepared to help a colleague or stranger in critical moments contributes to a safer and more responsible environment.

Personal confidence: BLS training provides a sense of personal confidence in knowing that you can act in emergency situations with the proper technique and the calmness and efficiency required.

Compliance: In many places, there are regulations and standards that require certain facilities and professionals to be BLS certified. Comply and avoid penalties.

Transferable skills: The skills acquired through BLS certification are not only applicable in medical situations, but can also be valuable in everyday life in unforeseen situations.

Effective collaboration: In emergency situations, teamwork is often required to achieve the best results. BLS training includes effective communication and coordination practices.

Be a responsible and prepared citizen and professional. Whether responding to medical emergencies at work, at school, in the community or at home.

The University of Celaya provides the necessary skills to save lives and contribute to the general welfare.

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