As a result of an investigation carried out by the students of the 5th semester of Psychology, the students asked the university students if they were interested in their mental health, 88% answered yes, however, only 30% did something about it, in view of this situation, it was planned to carry out the University Health Day, where the Nutrition students were also invited in the organization.

The event had two main axes: the first, conferences, workshops and a round table. The second was a fair with stands open to the entire university community.

On Wednesday, February 24, the Conference was inaugurated with a round table discussion on eating disorders, psychology and nutrition students, the presentation of the skit "Sketch Toc-toc" by the university theater group directed by Ms. Eugenia Zepeda and culminated with the workshop "Love does not have to hurt" first part, taught by Ms. Alicia Muñoz and Ms. Brenda Orozco.

On Thursday, February 25, the "Health Fair" was organized, twelve stands were set up in the sports dome of the Uni, 7 of psychology and 5 of Nutrition, attended by students from different careers such as Architecture, Engineering, Communication, Administration, to name just a few of the participants. The topics were varied such as: stress management, anthropometric measurements, assertiveness, guess what you eat, exercising your memory, etc.

On Friday, February 26, the conference "Myths and Truths of Pregnancy", given by alumna Aurea Razo Vallejo; the conference on ethics: "Usurpation of the profession", given by Dr. Juan Antonio Zacarías; and the second part of the workshop "Love does not have to hurt".