When creativity and innovation are key to success.

The students, Mark Mendoza from seventh semester; Mariana Serrano, María Paula González, Nabila Shaheen, Ana Paula Pesquera, Lizbeth Cerriteño, Allison Sosa and Alejandra Sánchez from fifth semester; and Dulce María Casas from third semester of gastronomy; together with their professor of Spanish gastronomy and mukimono art, German chef David Jahnke were the winners of the first Cabrito contest at the 3rd Artisanal Beer Festival.


This was the first time that these young people had participated in a culinary contest, competing against eight other participants including experts who have been dedicated to goat for generations as well as gastronomy schools, the students claim that it was the originality of their recipe that helped them achieve success.

Texture, flavor and technique, as well as presentation were the main aspects to qualify in the contest, so the students used as tools of creation and innovation some genuine Celaya ingredients that highlight the values of identity and belonging as well as the combination of ancient and modern cooking techniques, such as vacuum, tatemado and wood-fired techniques.

For the preparation of the "Cabrito con sabor a Celaya", as the kids named their dish, it was necessary to vacuum seal it with pirul, season it in the molcajete with tatemadas corn leaves, butter, craft beer and various types of chili.



The students consider this type of extracurricular activities as an added value in terms of practice, technique and knowledge; they also feel honored that their teacher has shared his recipe with them and instilled in them values such as learning to work as a team, having a competitive attitude, listening to everyone's opinions, and acquiring improvisation skills, since they came to the contest with a planned idea but at the moment they change things.

It should be noted that these skills that the young people are acquiring also prepare them to start their own businesses where they can make use of tradition and cultural richness but mixing it with creativity, innovation and technology to reach new audiences.

Satisfied with the results and to continue encouraging these values in his students, Chef David plans to hold a contest similar to this event at the University of Celaya.