Last year the University of Celaya and the Bachelor's Degree in Gastronomy presented the photobook "De Boca en Boca" which gathers the wise culinary advice that our people transmit from generation to generation and mixes it with a series of photographs of men and women who preserve and renew our valuable gastronomic traditions.

The book has a prologue by Josema Azpeitia, gastronomic journalist and editor, professor of gastronomy at the Basque Culinary Center and winner of the Basque Gastronomy Award 2013, who upon receiving a copy of the book in recent days wrote this post with his impressions:


In my last post yesterday on Facebook I mentioned my esteemed Chef César Sánchez, professor at the University of Celaya, and his theory on humidity to which he compares me for my quality. to sneak in everywhere.

Like so many things, it was a post I was looking for to facilitate the entry of today's post, because I could not let another day go by without thanking the renowned chef and professor for the great honor he has given me by proposing to prologue the reissue of "De boca en boca", a conceptual and visual book on Mexican cuisine that captivated me when the first edition of the book fell into my hands. The day before yesterday I finally got the copy that you have sent me and I have been very happy to see that the reprint respects 100% the spirit of the original book.

"De boca en boca" is a marvel for the eyes and the spirit. It is a book that without words and with a beautiful handful of selected and significant photographs, makes us feel, touch, smell... the dishes that emanate from the kitchens and the wisdom of a few cooks from Guanajuato who open their hearts to the authors and make them participants of various tips, secrets, legends... that they have distributed throughout the book, between photography and photography as a link between the images (or maybe the images are the links between the quotes, who knows).

The fact is that "De boca en boca" thus becomes an original, different, essential book, which creates a desire to go to Guanajuato and delve into its gastronomy much greater than the best Lonely Planet or Michelin guides can create. "De boca en boca" reflects the reality of the cuisine of that little piece of Mexico that is Guanajuato in an authentic, real, sincere, direct way... it is a volume that undoubtedly deserves a Gourmand award for its quality and its deep human and gastronomic charge. It is a book with soul, with weight, with character like very few others.

As I say, friends of the University of Celaya, it is an honor to leave my mark on this book, and a priceless prize that you have allowed me to extend my "humidity" beyond the Atlantic Ocean, in this wonderful land, in this country where I have great friends like Javier Bernal and Alondra Maldonado, also great lovers of gastronomy who I know will be thrilled to know that I am sneaking into your home, even if it is only on one side.

Thank you, friends, for letting me stick this spike in this land, in this great country that is called to be (I think it already is) one of the great and inescapable culinary references of the world and an example of variety, color, flavor, respect for tradition, taste, imagination!

Josema Azpeitia