International Baccalaureate students Alejandro Rocha, Luis Alejandro Paredes and Luis Ricardo Lara are the finalists who will represent the University of Celaya in the national Young Business Talents competition.

Starting from the concern to understand the operation of a company in a virtual way from their Business Management class taught by Professor Francisco Javier León, the three students accepted the challenge of playing an online portal in which they had to face decision-making, teamwork and extensive research in order to manage a real business model dedicated to the sale of creams and sunscreens.

By studying the terms presented in the simulator, holding weekly meetings in the university's computer center and constantly analyzing the production and sales of their business model, the young people managed to reach the final stage of the competition. This will take place at the National Library in Mexico City on May 12, in which the young people will participate against 75 other teams, which in turn will be divided into five final teams.

It is worth noting that this is the first time that the University of Celaya has been invited to this competition. The simulations began in mid-November, continuing even during the holiday period, and the students passed to the last stage in February. Since then they have been studying and preparing for the final phase to be held in May.