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Have you ever felt that you needed someone to guide you in solving a problem or situation? Have you ever needed a person to help you answer your questions? If you are still a child, who is your role model, what have you learned from that person?

Our lives are made up of stages, people and specific moments. When you are a child, life can be seen from a unique perspective in which every moment, every thing, every person, is a discovery and where many times we do not understand what is happening around us. As we grow up we form our points of view, our character, we select the values that best represent us and of course, we learn about life and those who are part of our lives. This last point is very important, those people who surround us have a strong influence both positive and negative in our lives.

PERAJ is a national program in which young university students act as mentors and become positive role models for children in vulnerable conditions, supporting and motivating them to develop their maximum potential. Following this same proposal in which young university students have a role of support, mentors, friends and role models, is that the University has implemented for 7 consecutive years the program "Niños PERAJ". In this project, girls and Children in fifth and sixth grade have been accompanied by students from the University's Nutrition program to help them improve their school learning and their sense of life. 

This program promotes that the participating children receive support and learning from university students and teachers who teach them not only subjects related to their school education such as mathematics, Spanish and science, but also teach them about health care and those lessons that motivate them to continue improving as people. In this program phrases such as Self-confidence is the first step to success Or Focus on what you want to achieve and you will see the opportunities come. are those lessons that are sown in children at an early age so that in the future they will manifest themselves in a positive way in their lives. 

Currently the program has about 20 children enrolled and in general more than 80 students have been participating since it began. It began as a face-to-face program in 2015 and continued as such until 2020 where due to confinement issues by Covid-19 the program was moved to an online modality. Currently the program has returned to an in-person mode and the participating boys and girls come to the facilities of the University of Celaya to participate in the sessions with their PERAJ mentors.


1) As the main achievement obtained in this project, more than 80 elementary school children have obtained direct support and mentoring from undergraduate students of the University. 

2) The children participating in this program affirm that they will continue with the objective of pursuing their university education at the University of Celaya. 

3) Another of the achievements obtained in this project is the alignment with the benefits of the national PERAJ program, which has provided the children enrolled in the program with the following benefits emotional support, development of study habits, improvement in their academic performance, strengthening of their self-esteem and social skills, enrichment of their experiences and general culture, as well as greater visualization of their horizons and objectives. 


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