Daniela Guadalupe, student of Strategic Management in Tourism and Hospitality won the Uni International Scholarship to study at the University of Oviedo Campus Gijón, Asturias, Spain.

When you entered Uni did you know there were international programs?

Yes, it was even one of the fundamental factors that I took into account to enter Uni Celaya.

When you entered your career, did you think you would go to live and study abroad?

Yes, it was my dream since I joined, I always believe that dreams (goals and objectives) come true.

Have you ever lived or studied outside of Mexico before?

Yes, well, something like that; I lived outside of Mexico for a month. I volunteered in Germany, I had the opportunity to travel thanks to the "Hands for the World" program offered by the state of Guanajuato through Educafin.

What prompted or motivated you to study in another country?

The future I desire, but above all the present I once longed for. I love to learn, share, know, travel and explore, it is part of what I am passionate about, and well, one of my biggest fears is to stay in my comfort zone for too long, so for me, living in another country (another way of thinking, culture, without my family, friends, a different way of studying, away from all the facilities and comforts) was a challenge and a new adventure that I had to live.

Why did you decide to study in that country?

Within my career I had read that Spain (because it is the second most visited country by tourists in the world, according to UNWTO, 2018) has strong tourism industries that every day have been innovating and improving tourism within their country, thus being a reference for the other nations of the planet that seek to optimize their resources in tourism. So I decided to learn as much as possible to later be able to apply it in my professional life both in Mexico and anywhere in the world.

Another reason was because I was in the European Union, so traveling and getting to know more places and countries is easier than in other places.

How did you feel when you arrived in the new country?

A lot of excitement and curiosity, I wanted to discover every corner of the city, the country, the people, the food, etc.

How have you been received at the university where you arrived?

Just looking at my faculty building was the best welcome. The internationalization girls as well as the vice dean registered us, welcomed us and explained a little about UniOviedo.

What will you miss most about Mexico?

Definitely the food, the famous "garnachas" that you can find in every corner (tacos, gorditas, fruit with chili...), the music, the patience and the warmth that characterizes us Mexicans.

What about the Uni?

The teachers and my classmates, the noise, the laughter, the comments and participation of everyone in class.

What is the most exciting thing you have experienced so far in this experience?

Finding friends that became a new family and such special people that will remain in my heart forever, that without a doubt I will visit in the future in their countries/states and that I will also wait for them with open arms in Mexico/Celaya. Definitely the travels, the sharing, getting to know new cultures. Thanks to the proximity I was able to visit two places that made my mind fly: Morocco and Switzerland, were two places where I really felt in another world, it was very exciting to be there and be part of their lifestyle for a few days, their way of thinking, their food, the order / disorder ....

Trying to speak the little I knew of different languages to be able to converse with a person who did not speak English or Spanish. Making a Mexican dinner for my boyfriend, I never imagined myself cooking mole with chicken, guacamole, tacos dorados, enchiladas, enfrijoladas, making totopos, etc.

And the hardest part?

Adapting to the Spanish educational system. The way of studying, the fact that there is only one exam for a whole semester for each subject. However, in the end I managed to understand and I got good grades. I liked all the subjects I took and I learned a lot.

Many times I was asked if traveling alone scared me, the truth is that at first I was not, but sometimes when I felt a dark, dirty street, without people was when I started to be really afraid, but I am grateful to all the good and all the people who have always wished me well because they appeared very good people, kind and willing to help me on my way, for me they were angels and friends that I carry very present in my memories. Traveling is learning and developing more the survival instinct, I learned to trust more in myself and in others.

One of the hardest things was to say goodbye to my friends and to the city where I lived.

What do you expect as a person and as a professional from this program?

A lot of learning about myself, my career and the people around me, expanding my networks, knowledge and thinking, being more empathetic and that the knowledge I acquire in the classroom I know how to apply it in real cases, as well as knowing how to interact in intercultural teams resulting in a global impact and strengthening both soft and hard skills, among these I highlight the languages, that despite Spain, being a language that I speak my native language, there are many people from other parts of the world who do not speak it, so I can exercise and learn different languages.

Do you recommend these opportunities provided by Uni to your colleagues?

I recommend it 100%, it is an experience that everyone should live in your life, especially if you are a UNI student, that the fear of the unknown is not an obstacle that stops you. Dare and live an unforgettable adventure.