Degree in International Logistics and Customs

SEP Agreement 201903104 of 5 June 2019

For some years now, Mexico has been working to become a global logistics center with high added value. Practically all the processes that take place within a company have to do with logistics.

We currently have a large automotive cluster scattered in the center and north of the country, making us the seventh largest producer in the world and the fourth largest exporter of vehicles, as well as a large skilled and competitive workforce.

A privileged geographical position, which allows us access to the main world market.
One out of five jobs is related to this sector, contributing the 49% to the gross domestic product.

We are currently working on 85 logistics platforms for the development of infrastructure and services to integrate the country into global markets.

The opportunities offered by the sector (logistics) will be for those professionals who are leaders and have a strategic and entrepreneurial vision; who respond to the demands of globalization and regional and national competitiveness.

International Logistics is one of the sectors with the highest income and employability in the country, ranking as the second largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

 What makes us different?

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- Challenge-based and project-based learning.
- Active internationalization program.
-Soft skills developmentprogram.
- Linking projects with national and international companies.
- International networking.
- Graduates recognized as entrepreneurs and leaders.
- Recognized by employers for the high profile of students and graduates.
- International certifications in quality, productivity, IT and logistics.
- Expert and specialized teachers.
- Participation in competitions and congresses.
- Business Simulator
- Freight Trucking Costing System SICAM

How will you stand out as a graduate?

    - You will be a proactive, innovative, entrepreneurial and value-driven leader with the ability to run your own company.
  • You will have a world-class preparation to develop in local or global companies in the areas of traffic, logistics, supply chain, planning, transportation, ports, airports, terminals and distribution centers.

- You will have real experience in projects with companies and institutions in the region so you will be able to perform business consulting work.

- You will have a global vision of your professional area, being able to carry out training, teaching and research activities in organizations, companies and educational institutions.

Why studying at the UNI?


Uni has more than 25 years of experience in higher education and is one of the best universities nationwide. 

Its teaching plant is composed of professionals who are immersed in the work environment and have the necessary experience in each of their areas of expertise. 

The mixed mode of this career will allow you to study while you work, since its flexible schedules and on-line platform adapt to these requirements. 

All this at a very affordable cost.

  • Studies official validation
  • The student is the protagonist of his own educational process
  • First class facilities.
  • Saving time and money.
  • Teacher’s continuous feedback.
  • The student plays an active role
  • Academic Prestige.

Academic Excellence

  • Business approach.
  • Highly Qualified Professors
  • Continuous updated curriculum
  • Favour real case studies and the use of advanced technological tools

Uni Culture

  • Comprehensive training program in a safety campus for an optimal physical and emotional development, with values and social leadership.
  • World class facilities, equipment and technology.


Global Vision

  • Study Abroad Program that allows you to take short stays, summers, semesters, double or triple international degrees or graduate studies in prestigious universities in the United States, Canada, China, Korea, Spain and South America.
  • Our campus is linked to some other universities through projects, activities, videoconferences and visits from international experts.


  • “Leaders and Entrepreneurs Forming Center” helps you to set all the startup potential to develop a business plan.
  • High performance sport and artistic teams.


Entry Profile

  • Knowledge of high school level or equivalent, preferably in the area of social sciences and/or economic-administrative.
  • Knows and values himself/herself and approaches problems and challenges with goals in mind. 
  • Listens, interprets and delivers relevant messages in different contexts using appropriate media, maps, diagrams and tools. 
  • Develops innovations and proposes solutions to problems based on established methods. 
  • Sustains a personal position on topics of interest and general relevance, considering other points of view in a critical and reflective manner. 
  • Learn by initiative and self-interest throughout life. 
  • Participates and collaborates effectively in diverse teams. 

Graduate Profile


The graduate of the Bachelor's Degree in International Logistics and Customs of the Universidad de Celaya will be able to think and act as a leader in the community, under the values of truth, justice, responsibility and respect, which will allow him/her to contribute to the sustainable development of Mexico by integrating into the global community.

They will also have sufficient knowledge of their profession, such as: integrated logistics, commercial logistics, international logistics, transportation systems, payment methods, commercial contracts, negotiation, international customs law, marketing, finance, economics, legal framework of Mexican foreign trade, as well as administrative and intercultural communication techniques to optimize their activity within the company, responding effectively to the challenges presented by the growing international competition.

Therefore, this career aims to develop in students:

In terms of knowledge:

- Apply techniques, procedures and tools that facilitate decision making in the field of integrated logistics.
- Design, interpret and evaluate logistics information systems.
- Evaluate the transportation system according to the type of merchandise at the best possible cost.
- Generate functional logistics systems such as supply, warehouses, distribution centers at national and international level in order to achieve greater competitiveness.
- Develop suppliers and integrate them into the country's productive chains.
- Apply techniques for the formulation and evaluation of projects in the logistics field.
- Perform logistics operations under international customs law.
- Analyze and evaluate all types of activities related to international logistics, from planning to execution.
- Manage and/or advise companies in the field of international trade logistics.
- Develop creative and research activities related to their field.
- Optimize commercial and financial resources to achieve greater competitiveness in international markets.
- Analyze the external and internal variables that influence the organization and have a direct impact on logistics, such as the economic, legal, socio-cultural, technological and other systems.
- Recognize the impact of logistics and its professional performance on the development of the organization and, by extension, on social development.

As far as skills go:

- To have managerial and leadership skills.
- Working in teams and building human relationships.
- Develop strategic projects.
- Create your own business.
- Research.
- Have a willingness to learn languages and an understanding of the cultures and societies of the world.
- High sense of organization.
- Diagnose business problems and implement programs, as well as the necessary controls for their solution.
- Manage information technology to speed up information gathering and decision making.
- To be familiar with different cultural environments necessary for successful negotiations.

Where can you work?

Developing in the labor field in manufacturing or service companies in the areas of distribution, transportation, supplies, security, quality, global business, merchandise management, inventory control, among others, both in the public and private sector. In addition to offering logistics services as an advisor or consultant to both private and public companies and occupying high and middle management in any transnational company in the area of traffic and as a teacher and researcher in higher education institutions.

Phone number: +52 (461) 613 9099

Opening hours

Location: Carretera Panamericana km. 269 Col. Rancho Pinto, Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico C.P. 38080

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