Bachelor's degree in Communication and Audiovisual Media

Specialty in Digital Strategic Communication

Bachelor's Degree with SEP Agreement No. 20181384 dated June 8, 2018.

Specialty with SEP Agreement No. 20230594

The rise of digital devices is changing the way in which information is consumed and how we relate to the media.

75% of world Internet users still watch TV daily; however, 48% of them is connected to multiple screens at the same time.

The media, exclusively radio and television, are no longer sufficient to satisfy content needs, which is why the concept of multiplatforms has arisen.

The activities most frequently performed in these media are: visiting social networks, searching for information, watching videos, listening to music and downloading applications.

Students at the University of Celaya have the opportunity to study a double degree at the University of Celaya. Master's Degree in Radio and TV Production and Production at the Francisco de Vitoria University. at the same time that they conclude their studies for a bachelor's degree in Communication and Audiovisual Media with a major in Digital Communication.

What makes us different?

  • Infrastructure that fosters creativity and learning.
  • Specialization in Digital Communication.
  • International networking.
  • Teachers recognized different fields.
  • Student life.
  • Acknowledged Alumni as leading entrepreneurs.
  • Recognized by employees for the high profile of students and alumni.
  • Active internationalization program.
  • Intensive language program
  • Intensive program of national and international professional internships.
  • Soft skills developmentprogram.
  • GIFF winners.
  • Challenge-based learning

Why to study at Uni?

Entry Profile

  • Knowledge of high school level or equivalent, preferably in the area of social sciences-humanities and/or economic-administrative.
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing. 
  • Uses information technology to research and solve problems.
  • Produces content and transmits information.
  • Argues a personal position on issues of interest and general relevance, considering research and other points of view in a critical and reflective manner.
  • Curiosity, questioning and critical thinking in situations that have an impact on the community in general.

Graduate Profile


The graduate of the Bachelor's Degree in Communication Sciences and Audiovisual Media of the Universidad de Celaya will be able to think and act as a leader in the community with the ability to design communication strategies to detect, diagnose, analyze, evaluate, produce and manage content and communication messages for different digital and interactive media with an adequate handling of technology, with a commitment to honesty, ethics and responsibility that contributes to the sustainable development of Mexico and with the ability to respond to the demands of society, as well as to integrate in a competitive way to the global environment.

  • To know and apply the communication and information theoretical fundamentals in different social contexts in order to improve the communicative conditions of any type of social structure.
  • To act as mediator to reconcile different nature communication problems as: organizational, social, political, economic, cultural and educational.
  • To promote objectivity, opportunity and veracity in journalistic activities.
  • To create messages supported in the new communication mechanisms that are generated through new digital technologies, delving into their structures, functions and applications.
  • To structure, organize and produce image and advertising strategies for people, goods and services.
  • To use new digital programs tools for printed materials production.
  • To create and produce audiovisual content using all the technological tools.
  • To develop research in social sciences field applied to communication.
  • To undertake and successfully manage a self-employment business.

The graduate of the Digital Communication Specialty will use the new information and communication technologies for the design of messages that allow any organization a more effective and timely digital communication with their different audiences. The graduate will be able to:

  • Generate new paradigms of digital information and communication and the social changes they imply.
  • Apply image composition techniques
  • Establish strategies for effective digital interaction between individuals and groups.
  • Create processes involved in the production of content for digital media.
  • Develop strategic planning of digital communication for commercial purposes.
  • Apply technical tools that embody the new information and communication technologies; delving into their structures and functions.
  • Use platforms for the production and distribution of content in the digital environment.

Where can you work?

  • As a specialist in the area of organizational communication in governmental and private institutions and as an independent professional.
  • In communication companies such as: advertising agencies, publishing houses, television networks, radio broadcasters, newspapers and cinematographic companies.
  • In teaching and research fields.

How will you stand out as a graduate?

  • You will be a proactive, innovative, enterprising leader with values.
  • Specialist in the area of audiovisual communication to develop your own business or to collaborate with advertising agencies, publishing houses, television, radio, newspapers and film companies.
  • You will master contemporary communication languages in current digital media such as social networks and new information technologies.
  • You will have a world class training.
  • Full domain of english language.
  • You will have real experience through projects liked with regional companies and institutions and be able to carry out organizational, political or corporate image communication projects and strategies.
  • You will have a global vision of your professional field.

A graduate tells you

Phone number: +52 (461) 613 9099

Opening hours

Location: Carretera Panamericana km. 269 Col. Rancho Pinto, Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico C.P. 38080

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