In order to encourage students to become entrepreneurs and give them the tools and fundamentals for the creation of their own business, the TrepCamp workshop began, a highly recognized program among various entrepreneurs and companies that through four cars train students organized in teams.

Through the various individual and team dynamics that were handled during the workshop, the students had the opportunity to share with each other through integration exercises where they discussed their dreams and business ideas; in this way they were able to appreciate the areas of opportunity that exist to carry them out and enrich their ideas. Afterwards, they presented to the group how they visualize themselves in the short, medium and long term, they drew pictures of themselves, they drew their role models and what would be the steps to reach a similar trajectory.

Through different audiovisual examples and didactic materials such as magazines and LEGO pieces, the coaches presented the students with a futuristic scenario in which they could visualize the steps to fulfill their dreams.

This is the first stage of the training for entrepreneurs, during the following stages the young people will develop their business plans to a level that will give them the opportunity to undergo training in the United States to complete the process.