Alejandra Aguilera de Negocios (Global Business) lived and studied in Lleida, Spain.

When you entered Uni, did you know there were international programs?


At what point and why did you start thinking about applying for a scholarship and studying in another country?

I decided to study at the University of Celaya because it had always been my dream to study abroad, therefore, since I started studying Global Business I made an effort to meet the requirements to be able to apply for a scholarship and as soon as the call for applications opened I applied.

Why did you decide to study in that country?

Because my vision was always to go to a country within the European Union, therefore, as soon as I saw that I had the opportunity to go to Spain, it was very exciting for me, because I would be in a place where I had dreamed of, but at the same time, I would know another culture and another way of seeing life.

How was the scholarship application process?

It was quite simple, it just consisted of filling out a form and sending it in. The only thing that required a little more time and that made me a little nervous was waiting for the answer as to whether or not I had obtained the scholarship.

How did you prepare for this new experience?

Asking for advice from people who had already left, researching on the internet and helping each other (who had also won the scholarship).

How did you feel when you arrived in the new country?

I was very excited because it was a totally new and different experience. It was a mixture of emotions, because I felt very happy and grateful to be living such an incredible experience, and at the same time, I missed my family, the Mexican food, my country, etc.

How have you been received at the university where you arrived?

Very good, they were always very kind and willing to help us with everything, both the people in charge of the internationalization area, as well as the professors who taught us the classes, etc.

What do you miss the most about Mexico and UNI?
My family, the food, the professors at UNI, being able to have the comfort of being in my own home, etc.

What is the most exciting thing you have experienced so far in this experience? And the most difficult?
The most exciting thing I have experienced has been to be able to expand my outlook on life; to get to know other cultures, other ways of thinking, other people, other places, because it is shocking to leave our comfort zone and get to know everything that is out there. On the other hand, the most difficult thing for me was learning to manage my emotions, because I am a very sentimental person, so being away from my home and the people I love was a bit challenging.

How do you think this experience will influence you as a person and professionally?

Personally you grow a lot, almost without realizing it. At the end of the experience is when you look back and realize that you are not the same person who left your country 6 months ago, you are someone else and that's great, because you are a version of yourself that has grown, has matured a little more, has learned new things, has influenced other people and has also been influenced by others, and so on. Speaking within the professional field, everything I mentioned before about personal growth, adds to the professional you are becoming, therefore, you grow in all aspects, because one field goes hand in hand with the other.

What advice would you give to those who are about to go on exchange to another country?
I could give lots and lots of advice, but I think the main ones would be:

  1. Get used to changes and learn to adapt; this experience is full of changes, changes that will do you good because they will make you grow.
  2. You are going to another country, take away the shame or embarrassment of doing and saying what you really want or think; it is a once in a lifetime experience, take advantage of it.
  3. Open yourself and be willing to get to know everyone you meet; there is the possibility of creating very nice friendships that you will take with you for life, as well as friends all over the world who will be willing to help you when you need it.

Would you recommend these opportunities offered by UNI to your colleagues?

Yes 100%, going on an exchange is the best thing you can do, it is a unique and unforgettable experience. Thank you UNI!