With the intention of supporting them in their new stage, the School of Gastronomy and Tourism of the University of Celaya invited its recent graduates to a talk with Carlos Hannon, Executive Chef of the Rosewood Hotel in San Miguel de Allende, who gave the lecture: Effective Leadership of an Executive Chef with international standards.

Throughout this presentation, the chef shared some of his experiences with recent graduates and also with second-semester undergraduate students, emphasizing the importance of traveling, reading, researching, updating and learning as many languages as possible as indispensable tools for their professional development and growth.

The chef said that a great part of professional success is centered on always acting with a great sense of responsibility, because living this value is how one can capitalize on all the talent, effort and preparation one has, since responsibility is the best letter of introduction of a person to his or her work.

After the talk, Chef Carlos Hannon and the graduates participated in a three-course breakfast with the faculty and the department of liaison to listen to opinions and experiences that can be used to improve the teaching process of the current generation of students.

This breakfast was organized by the Gastronomy and Tourism students who are in charge of the University of Celaya's restaurant school this semester.