How will tourism agencies work in the future? Yamil Saman, of Ecuadorian origin and manager of a tourist agency called VIATAM, talked to the students of the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism about this topic.

Yamil recounted his beginnings in this industry in rural and community tourism, focused on groups that carried out full-day activities in well-known destinations. Today this has changed, and although there is still a niche for this more traditional tourism, young people and the new generations will seek, more than getting to know representative places, to live experiences, to make the most of their time, with multiple activities that appeal to the senses and emotions, with greater agility, more interactive, with mechanisms that allow them to share their experiences instantly on the networks.

Tourism will no longer be so mechanized or focused on heterogeneous groups of people, it will have to be personalized and part of the experience will be to meet and live with those you travel with, there will have to be differentiation in the service, which will involve greater vocation, knowledge, customer research and the possibilities of destinations, global vision, innovation, entrepreneurship and many other skills to stand out and be professionals in this industry.