Ph. D in Corporate Law

SEP Agreement No. 20080297 August 2006

The objective of the doctorate in corporate law of the University of Celaya is to train researchers and professionals with excellent academic preparations concerning the juridical sciences, that use the research as an effective tool to respond to Specific legal problems within and outside enterprises; Considering these as the economic engine indispensable for the sustainable development of the country.

Why Studying at the Uni?

For the quality and recognition of the doctors who are teaching the doctoral program. The scheme allows the student to work and prepare academically. The University of Celaya and its research department is a Latin American reference in the field and is a pioneer in the development and implementation of mixed research methods. The doctoral dissertation is developed in the course of the program with the support of highly trained advisors.

Research lines 

  • Mercantile Society and globalization.
  • Protection of intellectual property in the context of transnational activities.
  • International Labour relations.
  • International recruitment


Academic Excellence

  • Business approach.
  • Highly Qualified Professors
  • Continuous updated curriculum
  • Favour real case studies and the use of advanced technological tools

Uni Culture

  • Comprehensive training program in a safety campus for an optimal physical and emotional development, with values and social leadership.
  • World class facilities, equipment and technology.


Global Vision

  • The "Study Abroad Program" allows students to have short term internships, summer courses, congresses and conferences at some of the most prestigious Universities in the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Europe and South America.
  • Our campus is linked to some other universities through projects, activities, videoconferences and visits from international experts.


  • “Leaders and Entrepreneurs Forming Center” helps you to set all the startup potential to develop a business plan.
  • High performance sport and artistic teams.


Graduate profile

Areas of emphasis of the doctorate

  • To detect real legal problems, to solve them in a framework of juridical certainty that regulates the transnational business activities, without limitation of time and space.

Graduate development areas

The graduate applies the knowledge acquired for the development of his own company in the area of manufacturing or services, likewise can support to any company in development or direction of the different departments that compose it.

University of Celaya

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