The First Week of Archaeology at the University of Celaya, organized by the School of Architecture, ended. Its main purpose was to raise awareness of the great archaeological and historical heritage of the State of Guanajuato, which has more than 1000 unexplored sites, only 32 in Celaya, creating awareness among the population and the economic and political sector to revalue, rescue and preserve it, also taking advantage of its potential to generate employment, promote tourism and enrich our culture.

Raúl Alcántara and Miguel Ángel Cruz, about the restoration of the Tresguerras Bridge. A monumental work that was possible thanks to the civil will of those involved, allowing to rescue this important work of one of the most important architects in the history of Mexico, converting a space that was abandoned and worn out in a place that gives a new view to the city and invites its population to take advantage of it for different academic, cultural and social events.