In order to raise awareness among our Prepa Uni students, Josué Banda and Fernando Bujanos, from the "Doble Control" driving school, talked to our students about the importance of taking certain safety measures when driving.

How many students know how to drive? More than 5o% answered affirmatively to the question and from here the speakers gave recommendations that should always be taken into account so that a mistake at the wheel does not put life at risk. Most of them we already know: always wear your seat belt, never drive tired or under the influence of alcohol, avoid any kind of distractions with the telephone, always drive respecting traffic signs, keep the distance between cars, always drive at a moderate speed, hold the steering wheel with both hands and keep the car, tires and lights in optimal conditions.

These are simple measures that make a big difference; following these steps considerably reduces the risk of suffering any type of accident. These recommendations should become a habit, and because of their simplicity it is important not to take them lightly, since most fatal accidents are related to the neglect of one or more of these measures.

The young people watched high-impact videos on safety and its consequences, and in addition, Josué and Fernando prepared two dynamics in which the children participated: In one, the young people simulated a car with chairs and received a detailed explanation of how a crash occurs; in the other dynamic, four students transmitted a series of driving tips to their classmates.