When you entered Uni did you know there were international programs?

Yes, I entered the Uni since high school and since then I started to investigate about the exchanges that the Uni offers, but when I started my career I took it more important, since I wanted to do a semester abroad.

Did you think you would go to live and study abroad in your first semesters?

I had hoped and wished very much that it would, but I never thought that it would come true.

Have you ever lived or studied outside of Mexico before?

I was studying English for a month in Canada, also for the Uni.

What prompted or motivated you to study in another country?

I am a person who sets goals and I have always liked to know other countries, as well as other cultures; so I made it my goal to win that scholarship and I did it.

It wasn't easy, but that made it all the more worthwhile.

Why did you decide to study in that country?

Because I was always interested in getting to know Colombia, its people, its culture and also to know the relationship it has with our country, since in my career; international commerce, they have a lot of commercial relations.

How did you feel when you arrived in the new country?

I felt very nervous but at the same time very excited about the experience I was about to live, I knew it would not be easy but I wanted to face this challenge.

How have you been received at the university where you arrived?

They were very kind from the first day we arrived in Colombia, they went to pick us up at the airport and from there they helped us with everything we needed.

What did you miss most about Mexico?

What I missed most about Mexico was clearly my family, as I am very attached to them, and the food, the food in Mexico is incomparable.

What about the Uni?

To my friends and the campus, because where I studied the facilities were different.

What is the most exciting thing you have experienced so far in this experience?

The most exciting thing was the fact that I was literally traveling almost alone and being able to face that and get to know different cities in Colombia, its music, its food, its culture in general and its people.

And the hardest part?

The most difficult thing was adapting to the classes, since they are very different from Uni, the students, the teachers and the way of teaching are very different.

What do you expect as a person and as a professional from this program?

I hope this will serve me in my professional career and in my personal life in general, since all the learning I got from the exchange made me see things in a very different way, it made me get out of my comfort zone and realize that not everything in life is easy, that there are times when you lose and you should know how to see that as an opportunity for growth.

I also learned a lot of things in relation to my career, I had the opportunity to make a trip to the different ports (the main ones) of Colombia and that opened my perspective towards what I want to do in the future.

Do you recommend these opportunities provided by Uni to your colleagues?

Of course, I recommend it 100% because it is an unparalleled experience and I know that it is very useful for the growth of the person.