Miguel Olea, a UNAM graduate and creator of different content, management, leadership and innovation platforms, presented, via videoconference, the paper entitled "Scientific Production in Higher Education Institutions".

Universities fulfill several functions in society, one of which is to produce scientific knowledge that can be applied to increase the progress and development of their environment.

This knowledge must be shared to have a real impact and currently one of the most effective ways of doing this is by publishing research in specialized portals and scientific journals.

Mr. Olea is an expert on this subject, and from Spain he shared with us his perspective on how scientific journals currently work, how they choose what to publish, how they corroborate that the information is truly scientific and how to ensure that their content reaches the greatest possible number of people.

He also spoke of the importance of teachers being generators of knowledge, collaborating with other teachers from the same institution or from other institutions in research projects and sharing all their results first in their own institution and then on platforms that disseminate the information.

Similarly, it is essential that institutions have programs that encourage this activity in their teachers, with a specialized portal to upload projects, a system of awards, remuneration and benefits for this practice, only in this way can the institution fully comply with this academic and social commitment.