Bachelor's degree in Digital design

SEP Agreement 20181381 of 8 June 2018 

In 2014 the demand of designers was considerable increased, representing 22.000 formal jobs in the region.

The opportunities offered by this bachelor's degree are derived from the regional wide economic growth due to the arrival of multiple companies where the following phenomena can be observed:

  • SMEs: Increase from 17% to 55% the activity in digital media.
  • 80% of companies uses digital media.
  • 68% of consumers consults digital media to obtain information.

Las oportunidades What ofrece este sector serán para aquellos profesionales que sean líderes y que posean una visión estratégica, creativa y emprendedora; que respondan a las exigencias de la globalización de la competitividad tanto regional, como nacional.

The activity in the digital design field has one of the highest rates of labour insertion.

What makes us different?

  • Project-based learning.

  • Programa de desarrollo de habilidades para la vida (soft skills program).

  • Technology skills development program.

  • Intensive internship program

  • Intensive language program

  • Intensive program of national and international professional internships.

How will you stand out as a graduate?

  • You will be a proactive, innovative, enterprising leader with values.

  • You will have a world class preparation to perform in the fields such as: corporate image design and branding, publishing, packaging and advertising.

  • You will be at the forefront of web design and mobile applications.

  • You will be able to take advantage of all your creativity and technological domain to design characters and make 2d and 3d animations, video games and digital illustration.

  • You'll be fluent in English.

  • You will have real experience in projects linked with regional companies and institutions to collaborate in design strategies applied to electronic media .

  • You will have a global vision of your professional field.

Why to study at Uni?

Perfil de Ingreso

  • Conocimientos de nivel bachillerato o equivalente preferentemente del área de físico-matemático y/o económico-administrativo.
  • Conocimientos básicos de dibujo, historia del arte y habilidad para el manejo de nuevas tecnologías.
  • Alto sentido ético en el manejo e interpretación de mensajes y comprometido con necesidades sociales.
  • Disposición para un continuo aprendizaje y desarrollo profesional.
  • Abierto a nuevas posibilidades e ideas dentro del campo de la estética y la composición.
  • Observador y analítico con la capacidad y habilidad para plasmar sus ideas, apoyándose de técnicas de creación digital.

Graduate Profile


The bachelors' degree in Digital design of the University of Celaya has the mission of forming people who think and act as leaders in the global community and contribute professionally in an ethical and successful way to the development of our country through the knowledge Extensive in typography, semiotics, corporate identity, application design, 2d and 3d animation, print media, editorial design and web design.

The curriculum is adapted to the global market requirements, with worldwide recognized teachers. Intense participation in design events and conferences or workshops with field experts is promoted. In addition, the facilities, equipment and software are the latest generation and you will be able to get certified in Adobe (professional design software).

The graduate from Bachelor's degree in Digital Design of the University of Celaya will be able to:

  • Develop all the products of visual design, web design, audiovisual and multimedia applicable to advertising campaigns.
  • Design product and/or service image through brand and corporate identity creation.
  • Create 2d and 3d objects and characters designs and animations.
  • Draw up, program and design applications and videogames for different digital devices.
  • Produce editorial design for e-books, newspapers, magazines and books.
  • Design original and innovative products, which contents are ethical and do not degrade values.
  • Make and consolidate corporate identity and signage projects for different kinds of companies or institutions.
  • Create new fonts.
  • Adequately use of semiotics to produce digital designs that are effectively disseminated in different media.

Where can you work?

The graduate from the bachelor's degree in Digital Design will be able to perform successfully in:

  • Design bureaus.
  • Animation bureaus.
  • Advertising agencies.
  • Publishing companies.
  • Media Centers.
  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Digital illustration.
  • Freelance.
  • Videogame development companies.
  • Government agencies.
  • Art departmentin the private industry.
  • Advertising and print media companies.
  • Self-employment business
  • Multimedia design bureaus.
  • Film and television production houses.


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